About Jean-Michael Bouciquot

About Jean-Michael Bouciquot

Meet Michael B a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & owner of Michael B Therapy. He works extensively with Individuals wanting to build healthy relationships and with Couples at any stage of their relationship wanting to enhance connection.

Michael’s vision is to increase the awareness of mental health among individuals, families, and couples and improve affected relationships. So, if you are looking for guidance and support through your challenging situations, Michael is here to help.

Also, Michael B. is committed to providing a safe nonjudgmental environment where clients can explore their feelings. He helps his clients learn about the issues they are dealing with in order to grow and transition into who they would like to be. Furthermore, he believes therapy is a collaborative process where he and his clients set attainable goals and achieve success through different therapeutic techniques such as solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy.

In addition to working with couples, Michael B. has experience in individual therapy with adolescents and adults, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, anger management, goal setting, life transitions, and family therapy.  Lastly, helping his clients to develop communication skills is one of his specialties.

If you would like to talk to Michael, he can be reached at (305) 934-8832.